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Innovative Brand Storytelling: Why Is It Essential?


This is my writing when I was still working in a local PR Agency. Thank you for everyone there for letting me write about 3 (three) essential elements in today’s Marketing (well, it is almost overly-used buzzwords tho’) : Innovation + Brand + Storytelling.

Here’s my catch about it, taken from my previous blog account.


Long has gone the days of product selling done in the hard way. People are stimulated by stories. It entices people, making them want to follow the journey. According to a study by Jennifer Aaker, a marketing professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, information is memorized more when it is combined and tangled with the elements of story[1].

In the marketing scene, storytelling ability has met its match: digital PR tools (i.e. social media). Two of the most powerful tool in persuasion has become a reality. However, few people realized why we need to combine the best of both: storytelling using the ever-improving digital tools in our arsenal. We need to adapt to the changing PR landscape for several reasons: digital devices are used all the time, the incoming surge of the digital native generation, and the digital disruption which is unavoidable to businesses of all kinds.

Digital Devices are Ubiquitous

One cannot simply walk out of their houses, even their rooms without bringing their devices along. Elsewhere, as written on, another study commissioned by Nokia in 2013 revealed that users regularly take a peek on their smartphones an average of 150 times during their active time of 16 hours a day. In addition, a research conducted on American citizens in 2015 about device ownership resulted in 68% of U.S. adults possessing smartphone, up to 73% having desktop or laptop on their hands, and about 45% have control of a tablet computer. [2] In Indonesia alone, the number of mobile subscribers have reached almost 100 million in 2015 (expected to reach 250 million in 2021) making it the highest in APAC region.[3]

People are getting strongly hooked up with their digital life. Most of their lives are spent on their smartphone, ranging from texting, calling, browsing – everything related to working, and all things for their entertainment needs, such as listening to tunes, movies, and gaming. People are going mobile and tech-savvy. Taking the devices out of their reach could mean taking a part of their life.

Digital Native Generation is Getting Bigger

Millenials, or widely known as the Digital Native generation [4]is becoming the dominant force which takes up a large chunk of the aging population. The population of millennials have immensely grown, taking up the world’s global population by 24%. In Indonesia, based on a research [5]by Asosiasi Penyelenggara Jasa Internet Indonesia (APJII) on 2016 revealed how Millenials in Indonesia (25-29 years old) are the major Internet users at 80% or approximately 25 million people.

According to a report by Nielsen (2017), they possess several traits: social, loved to network, promote healthy lifestyle, the masters of multitaskers, loved to feel connected and informed, likes products and services which are innovative and promote sustainability towards the industry, and they utilize both the new and traditional media.

1.       Social: They actively seek roles as an advocate for their society, whether through local councils or create one of their own;

2.       Networkers: A penchant for networking opportunity, they seek new doors to introduce themselves and become part of a larger community;

3.       Healthy lifestyle: They eat beneficiary consumables: Gluten-Free, Organic, full of nutritional goods which would keep their body fortified which keeps the diseases at bay;

4.       Multitasker: Living a fast-paced life forces them to be adaptive towards tight schedules packed with abundant activities – watch TV and use internet simultaneously* [6]

5.       Informed: Compared to 63% of Baby Boomers, the 80% of Millenials are craving to know the “behind-the-scenes” of a project or a product;

6.       Innovative and Sustain: They care about their environment and what the product can do towards sustainable living (48%) through continuous innovation (73%);

7.       New and Traditional Media: Seeking various credible sources for news, they seek the best of both worlds.

Incoming Digital Disruption

The inevitable digital disruption affects the increasing need for digital tools as complementary to the more traditional tools. Looking up on Merriam-Webster, disruption, or disrupt means to break apart (1). Putting it into a digital context, it means a disruption towards things related to anything digital [7]. Digital Disruption forces business leaders to re-think their strategy in pursuing profits, especially in marketing terms. They must not fear the incoming storm of digitization. Instead, they must come into terms with it by embracing the creation of new business strategies towards revolutionized approach.

To tackle this challenge of going digital, many people have tried to move in with Digital Marketing tools. These newly-found tools (e.g. website, social media, SEO, interactive-digital assets, blog) are intended to complement the existing counterparts. Even though they have the power to create an impact and are attractive for many people (because it is in our genes to use novel things), yet they cannot change the pre-existing tools of old (which is rooted in how the whole business is conducted).


Eyeing for success needs a well-planned strategy in reaching your target audience. We cannot stop changing nature of the audience. They are surrounded by a vibrant environment where innovation has become a precious commodity. The result: a new era is coming and we must not turn our backs on it.

Most people who lived in the fast lane would not have much time to concentrate in doing one thing at a time, thus they multitask. In creating a great story, your brand has to make sure that the story does not take too much time to read and can be opened in various devices. Moreover, the population is aging, and those with growing numbers are the Millenials. Telling stories about your services would be beneficial if it is relevant to them. Even though they are not your target audience, they are great to boost the reach of your content. Thus, you have to ensure that the content is relevant to them as well. Last, when trying to approach your audience, you have to use the digital tools of today complemented with a prior research to determine several aspects, such as their educational background and their openness to technology.

So, are you prepared to move your brand forward under the digital era, or do you prefer to call it quits?

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