Tips Tidur Nyenyak

Foto oleh Min An melalui Pexels Mesin yang dijalankan terus-menerus tanpa henti rentan rusak akibat overheat. Begitupun manusia. Mengibaratkan mesin dengan manusia adalah cara tepat untuk membuat kita sadar bahwa tubuh kita perlu istirahat, karena pandemi COVID-19 ini membuat tubuh kita bekerja lebih keras dibandingkan sebelumnya. Jam kerja kita mengalami peningkatan dan seringkali kita bekerja sambil… Continue reading Tips Tidur Nyenyak

People Relations (PR)

5 Traits You Must Possess to Excel in PR Industry

Are you a communications student trying to prepare yourself for work? Or maybe you are a job seeker trying to know why is it so hard to survive in the PR industry? If your answer is yes to one of them, it is necessary for you to learn the 6 traits that will be useful… Continue reading 5 Traits You Must Possess to Excel in PR Industry


Don’t Be Hasty, Mr Setya Novanto

The night is growing older. Eight people are paying a visit to a grandiose house located on one of South Jakarta’s elite residential area on Jl. Wijaya, Kebayoran Baru. They entered the house, looking for the main man behind their mission: Setya Novanto, the Chief of People’s Representative Council (DPR) and the Chief of Golkar… Continue reading Don’t Be Hasty, Mr Setya Novanto


I Am Not A Pussy!!!

Source: Meow...rrawr...nope, that's not an example of catcalling. Catcalling is a phenomenon which have been occurring for the last 5 years (do correct me if I'm wrong) on Western countries. Most of the reports have come from countries such as the US and UK. Not a few people are asking themselves, "Is this occuring… Continue reading I Am Not A Pussy!!!

People Relations (PR)

Innovative Brand Storytelling: Why Is It Essential?

This is my writing when I was still working in a local PR Agency. Thank you for everyone there for letting me write about 3 (three) essential elements in today's Marketing (well, it is almost overly-used buzzwords tho') : Innovation + Brand + Storytelling. Here's my catch about it, taken from my previous blog account.… Continue reading Innovative Brand Storytelling: Why Is It Essential?

Fuad Afdhal

AR Soehoed dan PT Aldevco

Kasus penyerahan PT Aldevco  yang diserahkan ke pemerintah, namun ditolak dan tidak bisa dibenarkan menurut para ahli waris dari AR Soehoed,  sampai hari masih   dalam proses pengadilan perdata.  Nama Abdoel Raoef Soehoed atau AR Soehoed tidak bisa dilepaskan dati PT Aluminium Development Company (Aldevco) karena memang AR Soehoed merupakan pendiri dan pemilik yang sah… Continue reading AR Soehoed dan PT Aldevco


Keeping Environment Sparkling Clean

The last session on the last day of IGCN Leaders Forum 2017. I suddenly recalled a 'shoutout' from my AIESEC LC UI days, which is 'G-O-O-D J-O-B, good job, good job!' Thanks to IGCN and successes for the future! Last day of IGCN forum invites people from all sectors to smartly manage water and waste… Continue reading Keeping Environment Sparkling Clean


Implementing the pledge of human rights in business

This one is for the last day of the forum, the morning session. Again, kudos to my pals on IGCN, grrrreat work! Panelists share their experience in implementing and promoting human rights in their businesses. Indonesia Global Compact Network (IGCN) held the Business & Human Rights Forum to promote the UN Guiding Principles of Business… Continue reading Implementing the pledge of human rights in business


Gender equality increase business growth

My (temporary colleagues, sigh :') have done a very great job in creating a momentous event, which is IGCN Leaders Forum 2017. Here is a writing I created in helping them out. 🙂 Indonesia is leading business leaders in erasing the gender gap to attract more high-skilled women into the job market. Indonesia Global Compact… Continue reading Gender equality increase business growth


Indonesia Global Compact Network Makes SDG Tangible and Foreseeable

I wrote this to fulfill my part on helping my colleagues in IGCN on Leaders Forum in Jakarta, Indonesia 🙂 Kudos to them! Indonesia Global Compact Network or IGCN is striving to socialize and encourage other business leaders in doing a different approach on how they conduct their business. This different approach is tangible only… Continue reading Indonesia Global Compact Network Makes SDG Tangible and Foreseeable