Freedom of Speech or the Downfall of Democracy?


This is a writing for my previous blog (yep, I moved it bcs I’ve learned that the SEO ain’t that friendly for Tumblr 😥 )


The recently-ended US 2016 Presidential Election has resulted in a very surprising outcome: Trump winning the election through the questioned-yet-still-exercised electoral votes: Clinton with 232, meanwhile Trump with 290 electoral votes (with a minimum 0f 270 to win the election). Actually, it is a rather remarkable result, knowing on the beginning stages of the vote count, Clinton’s numbers were higher than Trump’s – suddenly the Presidential race DOES feels like a race, which resulted with Trump finishing 1st.

Theoretically, it is fine; everyone will continue their lives, and so on. However, knowing how Trump conduct the build-up process towards D-Day, people are pissed because of his ‘striking’ comments, ranging from citizenship, terrorism, sexism, and the most discussed of all…THE WALL which will (if realized) be stretched along the US-Mexico border. Nowadays, it is the fifth day where many parts of the nation are holding protests, and students are joining the lot!

People have been talking about Democracy in a modern world, but are you sure these protests are for the greater good? Are you sure you are not hindering Democracy at all?

Are you living the democratic life, or are you becoming the ones who you despised the most: those

Even though exercising the freedom of speech is a part of the notion of Democracy, it may turn to be harmful for the notion itself, because Democracy is not all about the rights; it is also about the obligations of supporting the government as well for the continuation of Democratic living in the nation.

The freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and the right to peaceful assembly are noted in the 1st amendment of the US constitution. Everyone have their own rights and they are merely exercising their power to freely share their views regarding their disapproval about some issues.

People are becoming the roadblock towards Democracy and even Trump’s freedom of speech. The society put up placards showing “Trump is not my President”; like it or not, he has just become your President by gaining the Electoral Votes which your forefathers have approved – and it is a key element in applying Democracy in a federation of states. The term ‘Democracy’ is too ideal to be true, but no one said that it cannot be realized at all, and each individual can be the part of the realization towards the much-coveted ideal notion of Democracy, starting by sincerely (even though hard) accepting the results and start working for the nation again. It would be one step closer through your action.

We can see that people are exercising their rights, and they are acting on behalf of their consent – their desire to bring a humane and great federal government for the future. They also despise the fact that their new president is an inexperienced person in politics.

Important to remember that Obama once commented about Trump that someone who is not able to handle a Twitter account should not be given the authority to handle a nuclear weapon. Most of the time, the Twitter is full of the ‘dark arts’ in handling PR. Moreover, for most people, Trump’s inexperience in politics is an essence in evaluating the president, because throughout the campaign, Trump is always ranting and cursing and making ‘unforgettable’ statements which have hurt many people. Factually speaking, comparing between the need for experience in politics and the experience in handling countless affairs, the latter would be much more important for the good of the nation.

It might be Trump and his aides are running for president just because he is planning to show that people are getting tired of politics with all its sweet talks; people are preferring action than remarks with pending results. Maybe for Trump, it is because it is not his ‘thing’ to directly meddle with the dark muddy water of politics, but to show the nation that all shall not lose hope to the government, because the government wants to rebuild the nation into a greater one than its predecessors through real results.

The chaos affects global trust towards the US and may have severe long-term impacts. Many people are beginning to fear the possibility of another Brexit which have resulted in a ‘shaky’ business environment: how does UK stands on the eyes of Europe (UK itself is a major contributor towards the European and the global economy). Each individual knows that the way Trump speaks and the contents are not educative nor have any profit in certain form. It would only fortify the use and dissemination of ‘hate speech’. If I may suggest, people should move on from the grueling campaign and seek the better future, because the seat in the Oval Office is not only for the President, but for the benefit of the whole nation as a single and united entity.

If everyone recalled again their memories about the campaigns, Clinton and Trump has a similarity, which might be not so distinct for some. It is the theme of their messages. I hope that their messages are not all about campaign promises without real action, because their image and their respective parties’ competence will be constantly evaluated.


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