Don’t Be Hasty, Mr Setya Novanto

The night is growing older. Eight people are paying a visit to a grandiose house located on one of South Jakarta’s elite residential area on Jl. Wijaya, Kebayoran Baru. They entered the house, looking for the main man behind their mission: Setya Novanto, the Chief of People’s Representative Council (DPR) and the Chief of Golkar… Continue reading Don’t Be Hasty, Mr Setya Novanto


“Arrivederci” Piala Dunia Rusia 2018

Sumber: Dokumen FIFA Tidak kurang dari 75.000 pasang mata di stadion San Siro, Milan, pendukung Gli Azzurri, tim Nasional sepakbola Italia harus menyaksikan bagaimana tim kesayangan mereka harus tersisih dari Kualifikasi Piala Dunia Rusia 2018.  Pertandingan kedua ini sepenuhnya dikuasai oleh skuad Italia, tidak kurang dari 76% dalam penguasaan bola. Sementara tim Swedia hanya bertahan… Continue reading “Arrivederci” Piala Dunia Rusia 2018


I Am Not A Pussy!!!

Source: Meow...rrawr...nope, that's not an example of catcalling. Catcalling is a phenomenon which have been occurring for the last 5 years (do correct me if I'm wrong) on Western countries. Most of the reports have come from countries such as the US and UK. Not a few people are asking themselves, "Is this occuring… Continue reading I Am Not A Pussy!!!


Freedom of Speech or the Downfall of Democracy?

This is a writing for my previous blog (yep, I moved it bcs I've learned that the SEO ain't that friendly for Tumblr 😥 ) Enjoy! The recently-ended US 2016 Presidential Election has resulted in a very surprising outcome: Trump winning the election through the questioned-yet-still-exercised electoral votes: Clinton with 232, meanwhile Trump with… Continue reading Freedom of Speech or the Downfall of Democracy?

People Relations (PR)

Innovative Brand Storytelling: Why Is It Essential?

This is my writing when I was still working in a local PR Agency. Thank you for everyone there for letting me write about 3 (three) essential elements in today's Marketing (well, it is almost overly-used buzzwords tho') : Innovation + Brand + Storytelling. Here's my catch about it, taken from my previous blog account.… Continue reading Innovative Brand Storytelling: Why Is It Essential?

Fuad Afdhal

AR Soehoed dan PT Aldevco

Kasus penyerahan PT Aldevco  yang diserahkan ke pemerintah, namun ditolak dan tidak bisa dibenarkan menurut para ahli waris dari AR Soehoed,  sampai hari masih   dalam proses pengadilan perdata.  Nama Abdoel Raoef Soehoed atau AR Soehoed tidak bisa dilepaskan dati PT Aluminium Development Company (Aldevco) karena memang AR Soehoed merupakan pendiri dan pemilik yang sah… Continue reading AR Soehoed dan PT Aldevco