Gender equality increase business growth

My (temporary colleagues, sigh :’) have done a very great job in creating a momentous event, which is IGCN Leaders Forum 2017.

Here is a writing I created in helping them out. 🙂

Indonesia is leading business leaders in erasing the gender gap to attract more high-skilled women into the job market.

Indonesia Global Compact Network (IGCN) held the Woman Business Forum to promote women empowerment and gender equality in Indonesian businesses. Held in Wednesday, 18 October 2017, on Plaza Simas Ballroom 9th Floor, it is a part of series of forums titled Making Global Goals Local Business.

The forum highlights the need by industry leaders to take a giant leap in practicing gender equality because it would spur growth.

Women in business must be an example for other women to join in the same path. According to Dr. (HC) Martha Tilaar, Founder, IGCN & Founder, Martha Tilaar Group, that it is necessary to connect and cooperate with other women and also men if they want to be successful.

Through cooperation, gender equality is viable to achieve. Through equality, leaders may create large business opportunities. Explained by Meng Liu, Head, Asia and Oceania Networks, UN Global Compact that woman participation, if equaled to men, then the annual GDP can be added up to US$ 28 trillion.

However, practicing gender equality begins by erasing the stereotype on gender and making equality a priority.

Mentioning gender equality will never be complete without knowing that it is a part of the Sustainable Development Goals. This SDG would be achievable if people understand that gender stereotype must be erased. It is hindering the progress towards equality and in achieving the goal(s). Without it (equality), women potential to make a contribution to the industry will be hindered.

Many people only know about the need for gender equality, but they do not really put their heart into it. They see it as something that must be done, but not knowing where to start. In fact, equality is probable for success if people begin to see it as a priority.

People nowadays still do not see the equality in gender as a priority. Dini Widiastuti, Executive Director, Indonesia Business Coalition for Women Empowerment (IBCWE) explained, “Gender equality is a social issue in our country. Only 23% of our society sees it as a priority. We are behind and we need to change the mindset”.

Making it into a priority does not change the way women do their business. Their roles could be pivotal for business, but they have to be supported by their male counterparts. “It is not easy to understand women, but they have important role in businesses. This must be seen as a challenge by their male co-workers, and they have to find a solution together. Mutual understanding is the key for women to thrive,” said Dr. Jacky Mussry, Executive VP, international Council for Small Business Indonesia (ICSB) & Deputy CEO, MarkPlus, Inc.

Incorporating women into workplace is a step forward, not only for the employees, but also for the organization. They are increasing in numbers and creates a healthy competition against men and between themselves. Women have to fill the roles in the corporate, while industry leaders and also the government have to make a bold move to support women by creating more workplace-job opportunities for them to utilize their skills.

The workplace, both the office and especially factories used to be a male-dominated world. However, the world has changed a lot today. Women are making great leaps in their career ladder, and it is not rare to see women became leaders in their organizations. There are roles that are available for anyone brave to take it within the organization. Daunting it might be, but women now begin to fill up the roles. Whether as CEO or VPs, they set a bright example for those around them.

In this session, one of the speakers, Catharina Widjaja, Director of PT Gajah Tunggal, Tbk. Highlighted on how women must make themselves equal as men. “We see ourselves not different from men. We must see ourselves as equal,” she said.

To supplement working women, industry leaders must support them, especially for working moms. The Human Resources Director and Country Head for Employee Brand of PT Unilever Indonesia, Tbk, Mr. Nanang Chalid, explained that “Have we facilitate employee in working? We have to allow them to bring their child to the company, so they can work and take care of their younglings at the same time.”

There is the increasing need for businesses to connect women entrepreneurs to the market, so IGCN arranged a pledge signing for everyone to witness that women are getting into business in large numbers.

There will be countless number of women qualified for work but do not take the chances. Thus, all stakeholders must partake in the journey to reach gender equality through women empowerment. This would be fruitful in bringing more revenue for the enterprise and it is a great exemplary action towards best business practice.















Day-2 : Wednesday, 18 October 2017

09.00 AM – 12.45 PM

Women Business Forum


Topic Invited Speakers
Introduction Video  UN Global Compact
Welcome Note Hendra Warsita VP SMEs & Women Empowerment (WEP), IGCN

& Chief Corporate Officer, MarkPlus, Inc

Special Address Dr. (HC) Martha Tilaar

Founder, IGCN & Founder, Martha Tilaar Group

Keynote Speech Drs. Enggartiasto Lukita

Minister of Trade

“Ringing the Bell

for Gender Equality”

UN Global Compact
Panel Discussion 1 “Step It Up for Gender Equality Ir. I Wayan Dipta, MSc.

Deputi Bidang Produksi & Pemasaran

Ministry of Coorporatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Lily Puspasari

Programme Specialist, UN Women Indonesia

Dini Widiastuti

Executive Director, Indonesia Business Coalition for Women Empowerment (IBCWE)

Roy N. Mandey Chairman, Indonesian Retail Merchants Association (APRINDO)
Dr. Jacky Mussry Executive VP, International Council for Small Business Indonesia (ICSB)
Moderator: Juniati Gunawan, Ph.D

Director, Trisakti Sustainability Center, Trisakti University

Panel Discussion 2 “Equality Means Business Amalia Yunita Founder, PT Lintas Jeram Nusantara (Arus Liar)
Annette Anhar Owner, Tugu Group  
Catharina Widjaja Director, PT Gajah Tunggal, Tbk.
Nanang Chalid

HR Director and Country Head for Employeer Brand,

PT Unilever Indonesia, Tbk.

Moderator: Suryani S. F. Motik, Ph.D

Chairperson, Indonesian Indigeneous Entrepreneurs Association (HIPPI)

Pledge Signing: “Connect Women Entrepreneurs to Market” Lead by: Deladwita Suyoso

Program Manager – Development, IGCN

Closing Remarks Josephine Satyono, Executive Director, IGCN
Master of Ceremony: David Manalu

Corporate Marketing Manager, PPM Manajemen

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